LEADER Laboratory

LEADER Laboratory is an academic research laboratory focusing on environmental health.  LEADER is co-directed by Dr. Dana Boyd Barr and Dr. Barry Ryan, two international leaders in environmental exposure assessment.  Located at the nationally-ranked Emory University, adjacent to the Roybal Campus of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, LEADER serves as #5

ranked Rollin's School of Public Health's primary analytical laboratory. Established in 2010, LEADER emanates from a longstanding collaboration of the two primary investigators and their recognition of their complementary experience and skills.  Drs. Barr and Ryan combine their education and experience in analytical chemistry techniques and use these as tools to understand what happens

to chemicals once they enter the environment, how people are exposed to these chemicals and the frequency, magnitude and duration of these exposures, and health outcomes related to these exposures.  LEADER has also branched out to perform research-related clinical measurements, pharmaceutical metabolism studies, and alterations in levels of endogenous chemicals.