The LEADER laboratory was established in 2010 when Drs. Dana Boyd Barr and Barry Ryan decided to join efforts in building a laboratory at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health that could serve as a Laboratory of Excellence in support of environmental health applications.  Together, their research spans the entire environmental public health paradigm beginning with how environmental chemicals are released from a source in the environment, how they are transformed and transported in the environment, how exposure relates to absorbed dose and how biologically effective parts of that dose result in an early or later health effect.  Their research is muti-facited and includes a strong laboratory base for measuring environmental chemicals in both environmental matrices and in people, epidemiologic investigations such as two on-going birth cohort studies, and statistical evalation of resulting data.  The LEADER lab serves as the Analytical Research Core for Emory's NIEHS-funded Health and Exposome Reseach Center: Understanding lifetime exposures (HERCULES); the Targeted Resource Core for Emory's NIH-funded Children's Health Exposure Assessment Resource (CHEAR) Center; the Biomarker Core for Emory's Household Air Pollution Intervention (HAPIN) Trial and as the focal point for "Project 1: Characterizing Environmental Exposures in an Urban Environment (CHERUB)", one of three large projects comprising Emory's NIEHS/EPA-funded Children's Center for the Environment, Microbiome and Metabolome (C-CHEM2), a joint Rollins Schoool of Public Health and Woodruff School of Nursing effort.